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The seven deadly sins... (wrote by Acedia and Despair the Alts)

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The seven deadly sins... (wrote by Acedia and Despair the Alts) Empty The seven deadly sins... (wrote by Acedia and Despair the Alts)

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:03 pm

(My alters A&D, the twin girls, 15 years old wrote this to be mischievious ages ago online why not lol)

Inspire us…
Were the seven deadly sins
Hiding away
Inside your dreams

We are the sloth
We just can’t stand
Or walk about when we are inside of this land
We are the twins Acadia and Despair
We live with scruffy mattered hair

I am the greed
And I must have it all!
You can not escape
My beckoning call
Give me everything!
That you hold dear
It will be returned… at a price my dear

I am the Envy
And I should be you!!!
How dare you live
When I’m stuck in your shoes!
Ungrateful man
Thinking you’re so high
I will spit dust
Into your eye

I am gluttony
Eating is too much fun to bare
Until I’m stuffed
I’m never finished
And stopping me
Is done explicit

I am Pride!
I ask of no help
Tell me I’m beautiful
Or keep your mouth shut!
I am pretty
And I am so good
Wish you were me?
I bet you would!

I am Lust
And I will creep
I will get you
As you sleep
Seductive smile
And a sinister laugh
I will use you
As long as you last

I am the Wrath!
I’m here at last
You can not see
This side of the glass
My anger pursues
And hunts to kill
You can not hide
Until your will is abused

The seven deadly sins...

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