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Mirror, Mirror *triggering?*

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Mirror, Mirror *triggering?* Empty Mirror, Mirror *triggering?*

Post  izzy on Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:34 am

Mirror, mirror on the wall
make me fairest of them all.

Show me my bones, that stretch through skin,
no pools of fat to hold them in.

Make me a queen for all to see,
filled only with endless beauty.

Show me skin with not one flaw,
not one mark to be saw.

But what is this, my eyes do see,
Mirror my friend you lied to me.

Now you show thick arms and thighs,
matched with waist to show the sights.

Marks now cover arms and wrists,
how dear mirror how could I miss?

You make me stare as you flip,
Queen to beast; how did I slip?

I became this monster for you to show,
I'm sorry mirror that you must know.

Now you change again back to queen,
What am I mirror; fat or lean?

What is this beast that I can't see,
but has many sights to force on me?

There is only one question you see,
Is it you mirror; or only me?

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