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Gabriel part 1 & 2 (He's the Alt who made the site)

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Gabriel part 1 & 2 (He's the Alt who made the site) Empty Gabriel part 1 & 2 (He's the Alt who made the site)

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:11 pm

Two poems about Gabriel, who technically made this site Shocked ... these are from when I first met him more or less and yup... thats it really... oh the second one is after a bad thing happened and I kindof needed him and stuff, first one was first meeting him pretty much


Your wings are torn
You face is cold

Demanding and dominant
Timeless and alone

Are angels not white?
Pure and shining?

Yet your smiles so dark
Your appearance is binding

Heartless yet a love-struck fool…
Soulless yet protecting?

I do not understand you
And your needs

I do not understand you
Yet you understand me

So as I sleep
Inside your arms

Your broken charm

Tightly gripping
To keep me safe?

An angel you say?
Well I must say nay!

You will never leave me
To be alone
But I’m sorry if I protest
Because I can not have such demons here
Sitting on my chest

My Gabriel… the darkest of light
Please do not hold me so tight
My Gabriel… the coldest of warmth
You can not keep me in your arms
My Gabriel...

Part 2 -

A quick relief
I had tonight
When he had returned
From this fight

So take me with you
Don’t let go
And let me feel
Like I deserve your hold!

Let it be
That I’m happy with me
So she can leave
And I can be free

I may need some space
But when I feel cold
Assume that I need you
And don’t let go!

When I shout at you,
I’m hoping you won’t listen
And when I’m biting,
It’s just a sign of affection

Broken angel
Looking so twisted
Your intimidating and creapy
Yet a guilty pleasure

Tonight you watch me
With that sickening grin
And I can’t help but feel
It’s just what I need

My Gabriel… the darkest of light
Please hold me too tight!
My Gabriel… the coldest of warmth
You can keep me in your arms!
My Gabriel... never leave me again
Because your needed to keep me sane!
My Gabriel...
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