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The sleepless nights return again... "poem"

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The sleepless nights return again... "poem" Empty The sleepless nights return again... "poem"

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:06 pm

If it’s ok I’m going to laugh
Because of this situation

As... if I run TO the things I fear
To keep me safe from harm

Then honestly as you can see
There’s something very wrong

How am I the rare exception?
Again I get all the bad luck!

A pain that has never felt so real!
But the body is not f**ked up?

So who the hell is it I see
In the darkest part of my mind

And what the f**k did it repeat
As it was hurting me all night

And how did I escape again?
Because I don’t remember

And how come my immortality I once had felt
So suddenly had ended

You can have me if you want me
All you have to do is ask politely

I’d gladly of acted the stronger part
If the fear I had was what I needed...

To Be Continued.
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