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The singular Twin poem

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The singular Twin poem Empty The singular Twin poem

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:00 pm

Us twins inseparable
We were stuck like glue
Yin and yang
Me and You
Until one night
In that most haunted of places
We had let go
Of things we once knew…

He took my pain
And hid me behind him
I became the main character
In my own new dimension
Ruler of all
But no one

Alone in my thoughts?
Or overwhelmed by replies?

I’ll let you decide

For now we are the higher and the lower
When we should be more equal than 1 is to 5
Invisible life support
Absorbing my cancer
But who will absorb it from him?

I should be second place
You should be first
An eternal sleep wouldn’t be good enough
You Can’t stop all my thoughts that hurt…
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