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The GDM of GDM "poem"

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The GDM of GDM "poem" Empty The GDM of GDM "poem"

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:55 pm

I can listen to all the music in the world
But it will not help me now
Nothing is loud enough
To silence such a distinctive sound

I change by the day..
I can’t stop it!
Fragments fall…
I need a magnet!!!!

I should remember everything
But I just can’t because of my stupid mind
Blocking all the evil bits
And making me view the dream of time

Well dreaming is over!
Someone tell me the truth!?!
Stop protecting me!
Please… I need to know this!

What is trained?
And what is managed?
The haunted house?
The last dark famish?

How many times?
When was the last?
How can I remember…
What isn’t my past?!??!?

Tell me it wasn’t so bad!
Tell me I’m ok!
Tell me you are myself!
We will live forever in the lobby today…

Don’t hold back!
I can take it…
Even if I fall!
I will somehow manage…
Stop creating what I need to fix!
Make it so I CAN do this…
Envy, lust, greed, glutton and wrath!
You bastards will hold me so far back…
Pull me forward!
Give me a new lease…
Stop telling me I’m ok
When you're the one's controlling me!

Let me sleep...
Let me go!
Stop bringing me out...
I need to slow!
I need to be sloth...
I need to stay!
it's harder than it looks...
when looks can be deceiving!
and deceiving is what my brain may take...
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