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Go inside... "poem" by Gdm

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Go inside... "poem" by Gdm Empty Go inside... "poem" by Gdm

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:54 pm

I don’t want to go inside
“It’s my body I will do what I want with it”
If only I could say that out loud
Instead I just nod and listen to this

Not strong enough to say no
Too proud to say “I can’t do this!”
If only I could just find something or someone else
To say they would do it all for me

If I am to sleep a thousand years
And nobody noticed
It would mean a job well done
A job well revised

If I am to speak
With different tones
Even language
You tell me I’m smart
and don’t see the actual picture

Am I here?
How can you tell?!??
You can’t…
It’s October 12th all over again
But instead of my soul
It’s my body

I make no sense
Most of the time
I walk into the darkness

Frozen by the invisible man’s image
Someone please make it extinguish
Turn on the lights
Please I can’t do this
Stop shoving me!

Oh f**k no…
That window again
But what’s on the other side of it?

A pile of demons
A group of distrust
Some ghost
Some animals
And a room with Miss lust

Can I come back outside now?
Please say that it’s ok!
The air is thick
It’s too warm to breathe here

My eyes begin to cloud
And I can’t scream out loud
You see me
But not I
Can’t you see?
I’m not alright…
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