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"He" - poem/picture by GDM

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"He" - poem/picture by GDM Empty "He" - poem/picture by GDM

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:53 pm

"He" - poem/picture by GDM Hee10


Look at this picture
Who do you see?
A character
Who live in me

Names not spoken
He can’t tell lies
So he sewn his mouth shut
And scolded his eyes

Speak no evil?
See no evil?
Hear no evil?

Like he even has to suggest
Or speak
A single thing in his life he’s seen

It’s written all over his facial expression
A picture does say a thousand words after all…

So I draw him here
Holding his ears
He will not hear me
As I talk

His arms are scarred
More than anyone I know
And his body is a bag of bones

His fists are clenched
His head shakes to say no
And slight whimpers arise from the stitches

I wanted to use scissors
To cut them lose
But I’m afraid of what he will whisper...
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