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Disgust - a song

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Disgust - a song Empty Disgust - a song

Post  jojjon93 on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:41 pm

A song I wrote a few years back:

Disgust, I see it in your eyes,
Disgust it gives me pain.
Disgust, you are to realize;
the emptiness of me.

And it doesn't matter,
if it's real, 'cause;
it's real to me.
No matter how I scream and shout;
I'm still slipping away,

Disgust, it's all I think about,
Disgust, it keeps me real,
Disgust, it's never running out,
It makes the world so clear.

This empty feeling,
From inside,
Should give up.
Should I give up?
No matter if I scream so loud;
I'm still slipping away

Disgust, I don't know what this is,
My feelings locked inside.
Disgust I see it in my eyes;
I'm not able to hide.

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