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The Spoilt Brat "poem"

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The Spoilt Brat "poem" Empty The Spoilt Brat "poem"

Post  Owen on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:50 pm

(poem from old site, because I felt like a spoilt brat for having alters take the bad times of my life for me)

Look at me!!!!
The spoilt brat
I have these slaves
For this… and that…

They can not leave
Oh no don’t be silly
It would mean I’d have to do something for myself…
And I’m too lazy…

Look, him you see?
He takes the damage
The pain and the hurt
But doctor gets pissed
At how deep he burns

This slaves for mother
When she starts her “talks”
But he can not talk back
He must “sit and relax”

A dancer you say?
Is that really needed?
Oh well oh well you have succeeded!
Come inside and never leave
Who’s next who’s next?
Yes you in green!
A painter?
My… you might do well
Please paint me a picture of this little hell

What about you?
Oh my don’t run
I need to meet everyone
Before this day is done
Oh my
So many!
For this… for that…
So what can I do?
Ah yes! … relax!
I’ll see all the good times
And my life will be fun
But you will only see the bad times
You will never of won
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