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Bleak Landscape

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Bleak Landscape Empty Bleak Landscape

Post  Tanya on Wed May 30, 2012 8:36 pm

*contains SI and suicide*

Colors draining from my world again
Melting into each other
Painting a bleak landscape of the void inside
Pain, worthlesness, depresion
Shades of grey intertwined
flowing into each other
Flowers wilt and die
Dead colorless leaves
fall on the ground in slow motion
The sombre colored clouds
reflects my despair
With each waking moment
more colors melt into each other
My landscape growing darker at each passing day

My eyes ceased to cry crystal teardrops
My slashed wrists ceased to spill crimson wine
My eyes cried the blackest black teardrops
free from the will to live
My slashed wrists spilled the poisen that keeps me in this grey world

I no longer feel any greater pain
than the pain to remain in this bleak world
With one last breath
I color my world black

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