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Post  silence on Fri May 11, 2012 4:45 am


Those ever disapproving eyes,
flash hatred back upon my reflection,
as my pleas to just let me be,
escape my lips... fall upon the glass without detection.

Negative thoughts...
are ever seeding.
But I don't mind...
so long as I keep bleeding.

I pick at this shell,
that's spreading over me.
It may be weightless,
yet I struggle to break free.

Its one of those things that drags you down,
as you build it up ever more.
You watch it grow into a monster,
but wonder what you raised it for.

Time seems to be falling...
Moments lay dead at my feet.
Time I've worked so hard...
to waste and defeat.

Dreams in the distance tremble...
on their way to the funeral pyre.
It must be hard for them to know,
they were conceived by a liar.

So negative thoughts...
they keep on seeding...
but I don't mind...
So long as I keep bleeding.

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