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Post  janedoe on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:18 am

Lower back is aching
Must have slept wrong
Pants are too tight
A remember of the numbers
Numbers, counting, obsession with 5
Little things to keep me alive
Wasting staples on my hand
Just to feel a stab of pain
Wishing I could crash my car
Just to see the pain become real
Supposed to be stronger
Supposed to be doing better
Thats what makes it harder when you fall
The world is not a movie
What goes up must come down
So that includes my moods
Expect my downs have me running into brick walls
Wondering where the basis for my dreams are from
For they surely arent thoughts from me
'Above all voices follow your heart'
My heart is broken and no longer speaks
My mind is a haze of drugs
Memory no long working
Can I hear or am I loosing my sense
That keeps me going
Music is my saviour, good or bad
Something that will always be there
It helps the tears that do not want to flow
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