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Post  silence on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:56 pm

Everything's okay
Everything's okay
It must be because,
that is what they all say.

I get a pat on the head,
another pat on the head.
There is no reason,
that I should wish I were dead.

Everything's okay
Everything's okay
Don't worry about those feelings,
they will all just go away.

Don't lie to me! Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me anymore.
I know the truth! I know the truth!
I really do know the score.

I've always been empty inside,
and there's no end in sight.
And though I try very hard,
I'll never be quite right.

Everything's okay
Everything's okay
It must be because,
that's all they ever say.

I'm crying to be saved.
I'm crying to be saved.
But I'm drowning in my tears,
while I'm digging my own grave.

My chest could easily be,
mistaken for a tomb.
It encases a heartbeat,
barely heard within the gloom.

They ask me why I act so insane.
Never occurred to them its not an act at all.
I get another "everything's okay",
as they walk away and let me fall.

So, from this grave I've dug,
you can hear me scream.
Maybe I need help,
or I'm just a drama queen.

Are your eyes glued shut,
or are they open wide?
Is this pain for real?
I'll let you decide.

Will you tell me...
Everything's okay
Everything's okay
Everything's okay

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