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The Blood red rose

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The Blood red rose Empty The Blood red rose

Post  Tanya on Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:58 pm

She clenches the blood red rose in her hand while tears stream down her face. The razor sharp thorns cuts deep into her fingers. She feels the pain but don't mind. The cold wind blows her long black hair in all directions. The crushing of waves against the rocks are hypnotizing. Stars shine bright and the moonlight paints a mysterious glow over the black ocean. She gets lost in a thoughtless mind and slowly begins to pluck the petals from the rose. One by one. The wind sweeps them away and drops them into the ocean. Slowly she robs the rose from its beauty. She looks at the rose, nothing but a bare stick with thorns. A thin trail of blood runs slowly down her hand. She gets up and pauses, down below in the ocean, blood red petals are drifting. Each petal is being carried away by the current, each in its own direction.

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