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What the site is about and what it has :)

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What the site is about and what it has :) Empty What the site is about and what it has :)

Post  Owen on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:27 am

What the site is about and what it has by GDM.

I realised to anybody viewing the site I hid quite a lot from the public to keep us feeling abit more secure and safe, so I wanted to explain what we have to "offer" for anyone who views as guest and is slightly confused at the lack of anything on the forum by the looks of it, so if you would like to join you now can know what we have and do Smile

So then, a quick introduction:

Hello my name is Owen and I technically own this version of SIF called SIF2 (long story). There was an SIF(1) and it closed September 2010.
It would have left a lot of people with no way to contact each other but thankfully we had a facebook group and kept in contact there and we also made this site.

Main part:

This site is and was mainly going to be for Self injury support, as the old one was and it was where we could go to talk and be accepted in a world that assumed every self harmer was suicidal or attention seeking.
We realised as there was more than one "Friends" sites we should make this one a little larger to cater for the other sites as well; this is where the other parts of the forum came in.

We have:
A self injury support section
An Eating disorder support section in sub-groups for "Ana", "Mia", Ednos, Coe (NO! tip's 'n' trick's Allowed EVER! as this part is the most likely to gain threads as such I'll just make it clear everywhere I can)
A Recovery section for both SI and ED recovery support (Troll this and be banned, I treat the Recovery Friends as my children, they are very important to me and it was hard enough to make the choice to recover without people trolling them)

We also have a general discussions section and competitions and so on.

And thats about it really.

This site is a safe place and we have staff members and myself to maintain it and keep it that way. We have all become family here and it is somewhere for support and we do not allow any therapist or psychologist or questionnaire or anything to be in the site to ask us anything. No offence to them, many of us seek help already and many don't and it is our choice. This is our free place to support each other and feel "normal" and accepted and make friends.

Now I've had hardily any sleep so I have no idea if I am making sense but this is the only time I can write this so I will stop it here and press "send" ect...

Thank you for your time!
cohi GDM
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