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Persistence Of Sadness

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Persistence Of Sadness Empty Persistence Of Sadness

Post  Nepenthe on Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:33 am

It's too much pain to crack a smile
Yet so soothing are the sighs of crying
Bite and grip and scream into the pillow
That's music to misery's lullaby

But why?
To this day it still remains
This curtain of gloom that descends all around
To try to piece together the puzzle
When there are pieces that are yet to be found

And why?
The mystery still remains
What have I done to feel this way?
To mirror misfortune when damn well it isn't so
To feel so alone with this company at home

Don't you haunt me my whole life
Don't you stricken me with bitter strife
Deprive me of all my energy
Leave me as a fool leaching off of lethargy
Or make me feel as if I'll never serve a purpose
To belong to nothing other than a circus

But why?
Though I've never lived the best of lives
Something they all know is true
Why the lust for suicide?
There's so much left that I would lose

You bury me in all the grief that you bestow
You never cease to take control
A victim of your vigorous pain
You rid me with worry and woe and guilt and shame
You strip me down to nothing with all you tend to do
You persistence, it plagues me, but I'm persistent too

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