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Stigma (another one from the other sifriends)

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Stigma (another one from the other sifriends) Empty Stigma (another one from the other sifriends)

Post  Nepenthe on Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:44 am

Sever shame runs deep without a sound
Deeper than any wound or any well in the ground
Deeds that are burned by mine and society's friction
A habit unlike anything else...
So secret and silent; a solemn addiction

But I reserve the right to wrestle somehow with the demons that I face
So be it if these scars are seen as marks of disgrace
A "freak" fed up with always feeling out of place
And still I shame myself in these lies that I borrow
Dissecting through the ways of desperation and harrow

My spirit and mind have mined to hell and back
Yet after I arise I still anticipate attack
Like vultures at the brain or silent birds of prey
Stalking as I stroll upon the road that always tends to lead astray
But do I have to say that it shouldn't ever be this way?

So I usurp the right to use this body as I please
To dull and desensitize this mental disease
To ascent myself from the grief of this groveling hole
Feeling weary, such lack of self control
The strings of social stigma begin to take a toll

There is no denying the right to sustain to keep one's self sane
To know what it's like to dwell within shame
And then sever these veins to subside all this sorrow
And aware for this mine, the future looks black
But keep in mind for this kind there is always tomorrow

But this entire existence was built on negativity
No advice nor any example
No other way of life you can show me
I've chosen my own road
Respect? I don't expect to be shown

All I yearn for is to be left alone
There's no room left for judgement and assumptions
It's all bad enough when you snicker and you stare
The load of the guilt is heavy enough
For this is my fucking cross to bear

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