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Let me save you!

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Let me save you! Empty Let me save you!

Post  Owen on Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:56 am

To everryone:

Use me if you need to!

I know I am worthless
I am no help
Just let me try!

I’ve never had the chance to before…

I’m writing maybe not in rhyme
But do I give a shit?
As I need to say these things...

Rhyme or not
Just please!
Fuck! why does nobody let me try?

I have seen death
The deaths of hundreds

I have never once
Had someone
Ask me for my help

If I was a millionaire
I would travel to you all
Be whatever you need me to be

To catch you when you fall

So as you read
But not reply
Let me know
You are alright

Let me know
If I can help
Because I love you
Even if you do not love yourself

fuck I deleted the ending Sad
I'm sorry...
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