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My Mother...

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My Mother... Empty My Mother...

Post  Owen on Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:17 am

I’m hollowed out
Now skin and bone
And all you do is ask for more

You bled me dry
Everyday and every night
And didn’t even look away
As my dreams would fade
You’ve laughed because they were stupid anyway… right?

Go ahead say it!
“All the things I do for you!”
“You ungrateful little shit”

Then tell me exactly WHAT THE FUCK!
You’ve ever done for me…

I’m a penniless fool
A fuck up in life
I can’t even scream out loud

Anything I try
Or do in life
Your opinion is only to doubt

I said my name is Owen
You called me a “freak”
Dream job?
“Ignore it! make more money for me!”
I don’t have anything left to give you
You called me a liar
You don’t stop shouting at me
Literally ever

I’m hollowed out mum
Don’t you see?!?!?
Look into my eyes
See as I bleed
I’m not a bank
Or a piece of meat

I’m something trying to smile for once
Without it being fake
But when your around the only smile I see
Is yours with the knife your digging into my sides…
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