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Don't kill me Empty Don't kill me

Post  Owen on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:30 am

I would love to cut until it pours
Onto this hard old wooden floor
The lights flicker in the hall
Reminding me I was never here at all

So step up into a spotlight where
Your naked with everything to bare
People giggle and they judge as such
Without letting you feel comfort

You’re out of touch

You’re crushed from the pressure
You’re so alone

If the darkness hits you
You’ll never go home…

But it’s hard
It’s so hard to resist
The one last kiss
Even if in this:

The pleasure is not guilty one
And nothing is actually wrong

The past will tell you
It’s not allowed
Leaving will not be in doubt…

Don’t kill me
Give me what I want
I won’t ask for much
If it means you won’t gloat

Don’t kill me
I’ll do anything
I’ll pay the price
For one little thing

So call me stupid
As I am submissive
Just give me what I need

Tell me how
And I will do it
And a smile may rise on me
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