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Post  TheButler on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:34 pm

My promises can not be broken
Because then I can not be fixed
Tell me anything you need
And it will never leave my lips

Cut me if you like
Just let me sharpen the knife
Do not stop
Help me so I can feel alive

Just give me time to heal Sir
Before you start again
I never get to feel Sir
Anything but my own despair

I deserve it
And I ask for it
I sometimes change my mind
But not in this day and time

Leave me wounded
Leave me blind
Bruise my ears
And give me more tracks
Until my back is in tears

My apologises for spitting blood
Onto the crisp white rug
Yes I agree another session,
would sort me out so so much.

I should end this poem here
Before I faint again
My eyes they daze
I failed.

I am the puppet with the broken strings but too much freedom never suited me, D.
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