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Post  TheButler on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:32 pm

I am sorry how I reacted
I assure you this is how I speak
It is a complicated situation
That I do not wish to say
You guessed it wrong anyway

I must refrain
You found a way
To make me feel
I am not whole

I am sorry if you think this is sad
I must admit I have avoided all contact
I should say that I am a person
Who would not be if not for one small thing you had not realised or looked up

My languages may be shortened
I am stupid
As I was not made to talk
Your words cut me
Throughout reading
Every time
It does me harm

Being stopped from doing as I needed
I said “I will show you what exaggerated means”
Tied down and unable to accomplish
My need to be human
This need to be

I am who I am
My apologises it pisses you off
I have been told not to leave
Although I feel it would be best for all

Yours Sincerely,
The Butler Dorei.

I am the puppet with the broken strings but too much freedom never suited me, D.
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