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V. (transfered from SIF1)

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V. (transfered from SIF1) Empty V. (transfered from SIF1)

Post  TheButler on Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:28 pm

It is not my name
You know it is not
Conditioned to respond
To make my heart stop

Shout it out
You know I will freeze
and fall to my knees
unable to speak

I know what is coming
You know what I "need"
If I may look away
It would help me

You made me
yes and you can break me
but is this what you want?

You call me ***** ***
I tell you it is wrong
no right!
it is quite alright
I was mistaken.
Forgive me please.

The Butler for life
Your sweet dorei
dress me as you like
I will obey

This secret is not a just one
A secret no more
I bled on that floor
Try and hide it you scum!
no your my masters of course
My apologises.

As I leave
Tell me this
did you have to do so?
did it really give you such a fix?
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